Traditional Acupuncture is an ancient art that has been around for centuries. The Ancient practice is based on the laws of nature. By observing Nature, Ancients in the East were able to piece together their observations. The human body works at its optimum in Complete Balance, Body + Mind + Spirit, taking external factors such as diet, stressors, and genetic predispositions into account.

When there is an imbalance, the body will present a pattern of symptoms. These are recorded by the Acupuncturist at the Initial Consultation. Traditional Acupuncture is unique in that it makes full observation at the root cause; made by looking at the tongue and reading the pulse, as well as looking for any disruptions on pressure points.

In order to regain health and therefore a homeostasis within the body, Acupuncture needles are placed into a specific sequence of points, herbs may be used along with specialised massage techniques such as acupressure, tunia or cupping. Treatment is always tailored to your personal condition. Certain lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise may be recommended to speed up your recovery.

Traditional Acupuncture is an Original style of treatment that has not changed over the thousands of years of practise. Your symptoms are unique to you. The Acupuncture treatment is formulated uniquely for you.

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